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EclipseCon is the leading conference for developers, architects and open source business leaders to learn about Eclipse technologies, share best practices, and more. We are happy to welcome the entire Eclipse community to Ludwigsburg, Germany for this year's event. 

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Swapcard: EclipseCon has selected Swapcard as the conference mobile app provider. After you register for EclipseCon, information you provide during registration will be added automatically to the mobile app. This will enable you to login to the Swapcard app prior to and during the event. 

By default, your profile will be visible to other attendees in the app, and the following information will be displayed in your Swapcard profile: First name, Last name, Job title, Company, and Country. If you complete these optional fields, they will also be part of your Swapcard profile: Twitter Username, LinkedIn ID, Mastodon Handle, and Website URL. After you log in to the Swapcard app, you may choose to update your profile as well as change your Swapcard visibility status.

Note that your email address is not visible in your Swapcard profile. However, if you choose to make a connection with another attendee through the app, your Swapcard data, including your email address, will be shared with the other attendee.

Photography and video: Our goal is to capture the excitement of our conferences, and you may see photographers or videographers (including ones we have hired) documenting this event. It's possible that you would appear in some of these shots. We also encourage attendees to share their conference experiences through social media. We invite you to speak directly to any photographer if you have concerns about their activities. Photos or videos taken by or on behalf of the Eclipse Foundation may be posted on one or more of our sites or used in future marketing materials and publications.


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